Royal Legacy


Hello Everyone! Here are the most recent promotions and demotions of Server Staff!

__Demi__ -> Helper @___Demi___
__NightWing__ -> Helper @__NightWing__
Please congratulate them if you see them in game!

Mod Jisael -> Inactivity
Helper SatoriGaming -> Inactivity
Hello everyone!
The mega update is on its way... This will give a large hint at what it is, i will not release all the details about it yet however.

Anyways, please vote on which change you would like to happen to the network.
I will NOT be resetting current survival.
Note ranks will not transfer to new survival.
New Survival will have about a 12 day beta, you may purchase a pass to join when the date gets closer.

Big things are coming! You will definitely enjoy them.

- KingGoldensPanda

COMMENT BELOW why you would like your choice on the poll to happen!
Hello all!

I would like to inform you what Xerox262 & I, KingGoldensPanda, are currently working on. This notice is due to the fact that I will not be releasing any major information for a little while. I will be posting very minimal, only essential updates in the Changelog forum, when things arise. Development on our current servers will slow down for a while so we can reprioritize and focus on this upcoming project.

We are working on one of the biggest updates i have ever issued, I am 100% sure everyone will adore it. Hundreds of hours of work will be going into this project, which is on our Development server so we can test it quietly. Do not bother asking staff, they do not know what this project is about. I may spit out a few spoilers here and there on forums until we are ready to announce, so look out!

Thank you to all our supporters in the past, you have made this mega project possible for us.
- - - -

Suggested time the project announcement is released:
February 25
Thank you.

Who is hyped!?!?! I am for sure :D