Royal Legacy


Quick announcement of thanks to everyone who has been voting!

Here are the top 3 voters of November. For December, we will choose the top 5 voters!

The top rewards for November:
1st: 1 Insane Key
2nd: 2 Legendary Keys
3rd: 1 Legendary Key

December will have even greater bonus rewards.

Top Voters:
1st: TheDesigner - 60 Votes
2nd: BobTheBuilder33 - 59 Votes
3rd: SparklingTrash - 58 Votes

To claim your rewards, message me on discord with your username. KingGoldensPanda#7671


Hi everyone!

Black Friday is here.
2018 Black Friday deals were announced and released last night. There are exclusive packages available under the "Black Friday" category on the web store (HERE), including an Exclusive Black Friday Pitch Black Key bundle and the renown Pitch Black Kit.

Everything is on sale, for up to 70% off!!
Pick up some great deals before the sales ends on Monday November 26th!

Hi Everyone!

Here are some of the recent updates & upcoming updates that will release as soon as they are available.


  • Fixed YouTube & Twitch Chat Prefixes
  • Fixed Rules link
  • Updated all plugins to remove minor bugs and keep everything Up To Date
  • Changed Slime Block to Magma Block in Tier to fix an exploit
  • Increased the chance of magic dust dropping from mobs
  • End & Nether has been expanded
  • Balanced the Buy Shop, Removed purchase Exploits
  • Released 1.13 Buy Shop Redesign
  • Added 1.13 items to Sell Shop
  • Released 12 new custom enchantments: Info below (If you have more ideas for custom enchantments post a suggestion on them, we love creating new custom enchantments!)
  • Crystalizer now has 5 levels & Rebalanced.
  • Flora now has 3 levels, Rebalanced.
  • Bloom now has 5 levels, Rebalanced .2x
  • Detonate now has 3 levels, Rebalanced.
  • > Detonate 1 in Common
  • > Detonate 2 in Uncommon
> Detonate 3 in Ultimate
  • CurseOfSummoning now has 3 levels, Rebalanced.

New Enchantments: Rainbow, Shepard, TrickOrTreat, Reflection, Enchanter, ThickCoat, Wipe, Behead, Claw, MobClaw, Sludge, and Leech.
SHEARS Can now be enchanted with the following enchantments:
- Rainbow
- Shepard
- TrickOrTreat
- Magnet
- ThickCoat
- Reflection
- Enchanter
- Wipe
- Sludge
- Behead...