Royal Legacy


Hi Everyone!

Before I begin, there is a limited Sale beginning today! This will end soon!

Sorry its been a little while, I have been extraordinarily busy with school.

I just released some major survival updates, alongside of Titles.

Titles will go at the very front of your name in chat. By opening the menu (/titles) you may select between all the titles you own & purchase Titles with "Title Points" that you may get from crates & from the store, or competitions. Some titles will be exclusive for events or a rank. You may begin purchasing and winning Title Points within a few days. Most titles will cost between 1 and 3 points! We hope you love this upcoming enhancement as much are we do. Titles are also Permanent so you never lose them between resets! They will be released globally, however your points to not carry across servers.


1.13 mcMMO is released for Survival finally!
/parrot, /llama, /sheep have been fixed for Titan!

/Disguise (/d) has been updated to 1.13.1!
> You may now be a Dolphin, Turtle, or even a Phantom + More! Releasing more disguises soon. Requires Ranks.


Fixed some random bugs throughout the server.

More larger updates coming very soon. We are working on a solution for Auction House.

Top Voters rewards will begin again for September! (We skipped august due to the 1.13 voting bugs etc)


p.s. What would you like to see updated next? Comment below!
Hello Everyone!

Yes. If you haven't heard, Survival has reset and released as Survival 3.0 running Minecraft 1.13. You may still login through versions 1.8.8-1.12.2 also, however I highly suggest using 1.13 for a better experience playing!!

Before I get started, here are the July Top Voters!
Message me on Discord to tell me where you would like your Reward & include your username!

#1 - dev_ine (91)
#2 - Snail_ (88)
#3 - 3doo3 (80)
#4 - geegeeman77 (80)
#5 - Ethicals (74)
Reward options here:

Back to updates:
All ranks have been restored, and any other purchases within the last two weeks on Survival 2.0.

We have released a new spawn along side of the reset, in celebration of the Aquatic Update. We have designed it based off of the beautiful new blocks added! Minecraft 1.13 brings many new underwater blocks, such as coral, kelp, sea grass; and many new mobs including Drowned Zombies, Dolphins, and Turtles!

Please note, due to 1.13, there are many bugs that have been introduced. We have worked hard to keep that to a minimum, however the following are currently disabled and being fixed: Voting, mcMMO, fast crafting, trading, trails, chest shops, [item], and disguises. These should be all fixed within about a week!!

We will be introducing constant updates throughout the next week, fixing bugs and releasing brand new content! We hope you enjoy the nice Survival refresh, a lot of work has been put into it!

Here is the change log since July 19th:

  1. Updated ALL Bending Rank descriptions, adding disguises, heads, and more to the list!...
Hi All!!

Don't forget the top voters of each month receive bonus rewards! Check out the last thread - Top Monthly Voting Rewards!!!
This will continue on and on so keep voting and try to become the top! /votetop

Anyways.. EVENT! Saturday June 16th at 1:00pm EST!
It will be aMAZEing!! This will take place on survival. Everyone online wins if you finish, the first few who finish will get bonus legendary keys or other exclusive prizes!
Make sure you partake in this. The next event will not be until July 1st :)


Recent Changes: [Comment suggestions on forums!! multiple updates in here were suggestions! We love incorporating what you guys think of! :)]

  • Ranks are now represented by Stars in the TabList! More clean look.
  • Fixed some of the ranks in the prison hierarchy simply displaying as white in tab. All prison ranks will only be displayed as their rank hierarchy rank, sadly because there is no current work around for it.
  • Fixed a few activity checker errors
  • Sorting activity alphabetically now
  • Spawns now have frozen physics
  • Updated /rules
  • Fixed abandon baskets on the web store displaying in white in game.
  • Updated the color of the web store header
  • You can now pay magic dust!!! /ench pay {player} {amount}
  • We are now logging purchases and items sold from the shops...! Helps with balances and possible confusion in the future.
  • Added higher efficiency to Redstone
  • New...