Royal Legacy


Hi everyone!

We had another extensive week of updates throughout the server. Im going to try to continue to do weekly update threads, if my time allows, for I think they are quite beneficial for everyone to show what all we have been doing.

So anyways... I continued to focus a lot on Survival and Skyblock, because there were pressing matters and ideas there. Focusing on Prison next...


  1. Updated new donor perks
  2. Fixed CLOUD not displaying updated Monthly Money Rewards
  3. Changed the color of CLOUD and SQUIRE to a more accurate yellow tone
  4. Reformatted every single rank on each server category for congruency and to fix major spacing errors


  1. OVERLORD, SUN, TITAN have /sheep
  2. FUGITIVE, MOON, HERO can now rename items with colors in anvils
  3. ALL DONOR RANKS can display their item they are holding in chat to show it off with [item]
  4. OVERLORD, SUN, TITAN do not have a cool down for displaying your item in chat (do not abuse this or you will face consequences)
  5. Fixed buy craft /buy bug
  6. Marriage is released! /marry help (See photo below!) Hearts in chat show that you are married!
  7. MODs can now remove anyone's chest shop
  8. MODs can now remove bedrock anywhere (except on your island's center bedrock on Skyblock...)
  9. HELPER can view more detailed activity stats (Make sure you are not abusing afk limits)
  10. Added Hopper information in /help
  11. PvP Arena's now automatically disable fly, removing any confusion... Staff bypass this.
  12. MASSIVE /list update! Added the colors from your rank!...
Before I start:


Hi everyone its been a while!

Im back with some major server updates (this time around mostly featuring Skyblock)

Firstly yes, Skyblock has been reset. You should all have your ranks back, however if you do not, then type it in on the server store, and it should refresh it. If you still don't have it back by about 20 minutes after you have done such, then message me on discord (KingGoldensPanda#7671)

There is an extraordinarily long list for the changes that have all been made in the past week, so lets get right into that...
First, I added a few new packages & updated a few packages on the server store! (

  • All ranks display the updated (from months ago) 4 hour afk kick (from the 30 minutes non-donor afk kick)
  • Removed Fractions Category from Store for the time being
  • Updated Skyblock & Survival & Prison ranks to display new /elytra command, Disguises, and Skyblock's rewards changes
  • Survival: Shulker Box is now only $10!!
  • Skyblock: Increased IGM Packages: $50,000 -> $100,000 and $250,000 -> $500,000
  • Skyblock: Added Shulker Box package! Under Sky | Economy Category
  • Skyblock: Added new Spawners Category, Including: Enderman, Pig Zombie, Iron Golem, and Villager Spawners
Secondly, I made a few small changes on FORUMS:
  • Staff Member: Updated Custom Enchantment thread to include the levels
  • Staff Member: The Rules had a significant update. Please view them.
  • Moved ratings underneath your...
TAKE ADVANTAGE! This will be the last big sale for a long time!


Hello everyone!

For all whom are interested, here is a list of nearly all the changes that have gone on within the past 2 weeks. Many of these you might have already noticed, but anyways here we go -

P.S. Please comment below some changes you would like to see! I would love to try to see some changes that I could make from community suggestions! If you have an amazing idea that we implement I may reward you with some keys in game :)

  • WEBSTORE: Added emotes to Factions, Survival, & Skyblock (21 total!) : /emotes
  • WEBSTORE: Elytra Jet is now available on ALL Servers to Hero, Fugitive, Moon, & Champion
  • WEBSTORE: Elytra Jet Particles is now available to Overlord, Sun, & Titan : /ep
  • WEBSTORE: Fixed Convict flags for plots on Prison
  • WEBSTORE: Added /parrot & /llama to Sun, Titan, & Overlord
  • WEBSOTRE: Added Player Vaults to all the ranks : /pv
  • WEBSITE: Made staff application revisions
  • Slowly removing Christmas & Winter decorations in spawns
  • Changed max Player count to 300
  • Disabled a bunch of commands while in combat...