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hehehehehehe lets se how many people find it Mar 11, 2019

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Apr 19, 2019 at 12:11 AM
    1. KingGoldensPanda
      Discord: KingGoldensPanda#7671
    2. Xenoran99
      So, I'm not sure where to go about this, but I was wanting to buy the THIEF rank for the prison server, but for some reason I have been banned from the web store. I have never done anything with it before so I'm wondering if there is any way that it can be fixed.
      1. KingGoldensPanda
        pm me on discord.
        Apr 21, 2018
    3. KingGoldensPanda
      Did some major forums updates! Click forums at the top... Notice some differences?
    4. DerpMan
      Can you fix my rank on skyblock? It says I have moon when I logged on to the store yesterday, but I still don't have the rank. IGN: BubbleHasWubbled
    5. pupukani
    6. KingGoldensPanda
      Major Updatesssss
      1. pawlowskiboys likes this.
    7. JockerBuster2K
      I can't join survival. It kicks me from the serer each time
    8. KingGoldensPanda
    9. BloreX
      Is there any chance of upgrading my rank on Prison (Convict>Fugitive) via PaySafeCard , because i can't get any cash on paypal atm :/
    10. KingGoldensPanda
      Survival reset. Don't hate. Its good. Amazing things coming. Good luck on your next adventure on survival.
      1. pawlowskiboys likes this.
      2. pawlowskiboys
        Mmh gonna Make some cool things at the three corners I own ;) just wait and see what I have in store for em
        Jan 26, 2018
    11. Drake2_
      Hey I bought Moon rank on skyblock and its not loading in. I have the confirmation email and it should of emailed you too.
      1. KingGoldensPanda
        Because you used an eCheck. You have to wait for those to process, its not in my control. They take like a week.
        Jan 24, 2018
      2. Drake2_
        ok thank you
        Jan 24, 2018
    12. paladin7378
      hi, I brought the PRISON | PureWHITE B and PRISON | Festive Bun together, but the server only registered PureWhite.

      So I am missing Festive Bun.

      Do I contact you or someone else?

      Paypal transaction ID : Redacted

      Thank you for your time

      IGN: FunnyAsian
      1. KingGoldensPanda
        Sorry! I made an error in the package, I fixed it a few hours ago. Should be set now
        Jan 11, 2018
    13. netmare
      does 80% sale apply to ranks?
      1. KingGoldensPanda
        The sale is automatically applied on the store
        Dec 26, 2017
    14. KingGoldensPanda
      Merry Christmas
    15. KingGoldensPanda
      Snow Snow Snow look at spawns :3
      1. Ash 愛 likes this.
    16. KingGoldensPanda
    17. KingGoldensPanda
      Please comment on the newest announcement thread
    18. KingGoldensPanda
      Caught up and reviewed all helper apps ;) Time to move on to more updates to the server....
      1. Jxsminee likes this.
    19. KingGoldensPanda
      Sending out recent updates and info soon.
    20. Catpan
      Hey, I'm gonna need you to unban me from Discord and I need to PM you about something regarding a player you banned sometime in September
      1. pawlowskiboys
        Catpan Look at Ann forums regarding that player then. Also you were probably banned from the discord for a reason so msg The staff who you think Banned you
        Nov 5, 2017
    21. OcelotALot
      Hi KingGoldensPanda, I tried to join your survival server for the very first time on 10/3/17 & received a "connection lost" notice indicating that I was banned for "Ban BYpass" which will expire in 3+ days. I'm confused & would appreciate clarification. I am not sure for what I am being banned & certainly don't want to activate it again. Thanks, OcelotALot
    22. Flyingfrogs7
      King I was just banned again while I wasn't online for something I wasn't even doing. Please help me this time. Can I activate the unban WHICH I PAID FOR but was never given? What do your mods have against me playing on royal legacy?
    23. KingGoldensPanda
      I will catch up on notifications on here in a day or so.... I have like tons. cries.
    24. Flyingfrogs7
      King my four day ban was about to expire and I tried to log on and the ban has now been renewed and doubled. What's going on? Why am I now banned for eight days after purchasing unban. I waited patiently to be unbanned when I was informed that my ban would not be lifted by the $9 unban, but now I'm rebanned, and I'd like to know why I'm being treated like this. I would really appreciate a response.


    25. Flyingfrogs7
      Hello king. my username is flyingfrogs7. I purchased unban a few days ago because it said it was a 3 time use. I was just banned, but it's not letting me log back in. What's going on?
      1. Flyingfrogs7
        Please help ASAP, I was in the middle of building something really cool
        Sep 2, 2017
      2. MinYoondini
        It's not a 3 time use item in that sense. It can only be bought 3 times, not bought then you have 3 times to be banned in that single purchase
        Sep 2, 2017
      3. Flyingfrogs7
        oh. you should write "you can only buy this three times". I thought it just meant that if I ever get banned it would unban me and the same thing would happen two times after that. Regardless, shouldn't it at least work for this instance of me being banned?
        Sep 2, 2017
    26. Ceboo
      I lost my ranks????
    27. zizman09
      how do you change your payment method?
      1. KingGoldensPanda
        debit/credit cards can be used if you click don't have a paypal/use debit/credit cards
        Aug 30, 2017
    28. paladin7378
      Can you check your discord please? I been messaging you about wanting to buy stuff but you never reply. I tried going to the staff with my problem and they told me that you the only one that can help me. So it would be great if you will, thank you for your time.
    29. KingGoldensPanda
      Store is back online
    30. DestroyedEpisode
      Eh King did you take down the Official Staff list? I wanted to see which staff are still
      1. bomber12309
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