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    Official Royal Legacy Punishment Guide
    Notes: If player has excessive punishment history and/or multiple of the same punishment, amplify the punishment.
    Notes: Commas between punishments specifies what to do in the first scenario, and if they proceed to do it again.

    Category 1: Chat
    1.Spam (Repetitive Chat) - Warn, 2h Mute
    2.Excessive/Profane Language - Warn, 2h Mute, 1d Ban
    3.The Use of the N or C Word - 2h Mute, 1d Ban
    4.Player Disrespect - Discussion+Warn, 2h Mute
    5.Staff Disrespect - Warn, 2h Mute, 1d Ban
    6.Impersonation - Warn, 2h Mute, 1d Ban
    7.Name Advertisement - Warn+ClearChat, 7 Day Mute
    8.IP Advertisement - ClearChat+14d Mute, 14d Ban
    9.Joking/Discussing Hacks - Warn, 2h Mute
    10.Harassment- Warn, 2h Mute, 1d Ban
    11.No Intention of Playing( 0m-1h Playtime) - Perm Ban
    12.No Intention of Playing (1h+) - 1d Ban
    13.False Reports - Warn, Removal of Reporting ability
    14.Religious/Political Nicknames - Verbal Warn, Mute Until Change, (If mute bypass - Ban 1d)
    15.Religion/Politics in chat - Verbal Warn, 2h Mute

    Category 2: Gameplay
    1.Scam - 7d Ban
    2.Exploit - 7d Ban
    3.X-Ray - 7d Ban
    4.Hack Clients - 7d Ban
    5.Inappropriate Build - 2d Ban
    6.Survival: TP Killing - 2d Ban
    7.Survival: Grief/Raid - 2d-5d Ban (severity)
    8.Survival: Inappropriate Claim Names - Comply=Change+Warn, Refused=Disband+Warn
    9.Pushing people into PvP Zones - 2d Ban
    10.Prison: Boosting - Warn, 2d Ban
    11.Prison: Mine in Previous Mine without specific material need - Warn, 2d Ban
    12.AFK Pools - Destroy+Warn, 2d Ban
    13.AFK Bypass (Auto Clickers/Jumping/Punching etc) - 2d Ban
    14.Alt Account Abuse - 7d Ban
    15.Excessive AFK (4+hrs a day) - Spawn, Warn, Flag, 2d Ban
    16.PVP Logging - Warn, 2d Ban

    Category 3: Other
    1.Do not bump threads on forums over a month old.
    2.Any questionable punishments may be directed to me in PM on forums or discord.
    3.Respect staff decisions on punishments!
    4.Commenting on staff applications is Allowed but make sure its not mean or critical.
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